About Us

We are a group of passionate and determined people who want to make a difference.

Tennis4theworld is a charity based in the United Kingdom that collects unwanted tennis equipment and clothing and distributes it to schools, colleges and social development projects around the world.

We are incredibly grateful to all the friends and family that have supported, be it fundraising, kit packing, or any number of charitable activities, as well as all of our supporters down the years who continue to donate equipment and kit and spread our message every week. Without them, none of this would have been achieved.

Thank you

The Tennis4theworld team



What We Believe

Tennis is a global sport and we’re trying our best to support those trying to use it as a vehicle for social change. In the UK we’re incredibly privileged to be able to enjoy tennis as a pastime, but for many people living in some of the world’s poorest communities it offers something much more important, hope.



Get Connected

So please get in touch to support us, info@tennis4thewold.org, or explore this website for more pictures of our work and information on the amazing people and organisations that we’ve had the privilege to support.